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    Arrow Build SIS file ERROR

    i get those errors while building a project to creat its SIS file:

    *) BLDMAKE ERROR: Platform ARMV5 not supported by "\MyProject\group\BLD.INF"
    *) bldmake returned with exit value = 1 MyProject Unknown
    *) bldmake returned with exit value = 1 MyProject Unknown

    how to creat a SIS files Or modify them each time i creat a change ?

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    Re: Build SIS file ERROR

    These messages are not related to building a .sis file, your project has not compiled at all.
    Since ARMV5 target requires you to buy RVCT (RealView Compiler Toolkit) from ARM, which most people do not have, you should rather try the GCCE target (make sure that you have installed it: execute "CSL Toolchain (GCCE) - Install" from the SDK's Start Menu group if you have not done so).
    And bld.inf is a simple text file in fact, so you can check if it contains a PRJ_PLATFORMS section, which specifies the supported platforms.

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