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    I use http to download,but the speed become slower and slower.

    I use http to download xml data,but repeat to start the program serveral times,download speed obviously become slow.Everytime I download the same xml data.What problem it is possible be?

    void CClientEngine::MHFRunL(RHTTPTransaction aTransaction,
    const THTTPEvent& aEvent)
    case THTTPEvent::ESucceeded:
    // Indicates that transaction succeeded.
    _LIT(KTransactionSuccessful, "Transaction Successful");

    // Transaction can be closed now. It's not needed anymore.
    iRunning = EFalse;

    if(iResponseBuffer != NULL)
    delete iResponseBuffer;
    iResponseBuffer = NULL;

    void CClientEngine::AOHTTPGetL()/


    void CClientAO::StartL()
    Cancel(); // Cancel any request, just to be sure
    iState = EUninitialized;

    iTimer.After(iStatus, 10000000); // Set for later
    SetActive(); // Tell scheduler a request is active


    void CClientAO::RunL()
    if (iState == EUninitialized)
    // Do something the first time RunL() is called
    iState = EInitialized;
    if (iState != EError)
    // Do something

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    Re: I use http to download,but the speed become slower and slower.

    Dunno why you are using timers in there really, so maybe you could try removing them first. And then add some logging with time information to see where you are spending the time (you could do same at your server side as well)..

    All and all, I have never seen such problem with HTTP request, and I have been using them quite a lot, and most of my code is based on the HTTP example available at the examples.

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