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    Unhappy Bug in Mobile Location Framework (MLF)

    If some application like

    - Nokia Maps 2.0 wk45b03
    - Google Maps
    - GPS-Data Application

    use the Assisted GPS from Mobile Location Framework (MLF), the Mobile Location Framework does not use the Proxy Server which is defined in its access point . Instead MLF tries to connect to supl.nokia.com directly.

    We are using a Nokia E71 with firmware 110.07.127. Can anybody confirm this error?

    Best regards

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    Re: Bug in Mobile Location Framework (MLF)

    My advice to you is to report this using the Bug Report channel. See http://www.forum.nokia.com/I_Want_To...nical_Support/
    -- Lucian

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    Re: Bug in Mobile Location Framework (MLF)


    My suggestion is to change the server settings in Settings->general->Positioning->Positioning Server->Server Address
    and then check


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