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    Smile All about Music Player I Wanna Know :)

    I wanna implement a music player on S60 3rd +, the one can support MP3, APE, AAC formats.
    Is it able to use the API CMdaAudioPlayerUtility to do so?
    How many formats does CMdaAudioPlayerUtility support?
    If I wanna more codecs to be supported, such as Ogg, Is it possible to add other codecs to MMF? And I don't need to modify the code, right? Plugin something?
    I am very new to S60 MM, so any suggestion to me to create a music player?

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    Re: All about Music Player I Wanna Know :)

    Different phones support different audio formats, you could check the list of supported formats by querying it from the device, as well as you can see the lists in device's technical specifications.

    For adding ogg support, you could search with google for OggPlay project.

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