I'm trying to compile the sample java program from the "Getting started with WAP Push" document. But it give me this error...

D:\pentisia\push\WEB-INF\classes\adminservlet\PushSIServlet.java:7: cannot resolve symbol
symbol : class Transformer
location: package transform
import javax.xml.transform.Transformer;
D:\pentisia\push\WEB-INF\classes\adminservlet\PushSIServlet.java:9: package org.dom4j does not exist
import org.dom4j.*;
D:\pentisia\push\WEB-INF\classes\adminservlet\PushSIServlet.java:10: package org.dom4j.io does not exist
import org.dom4j.io.*;
D:\pentisia\push\WEB-INF\classes\adminservlet\PushSIServlet.java:30: cannot resolve symbol
symbol : class Transformer
location: class com.nokia.pgw.PushSIServlet
private Transformer _siTransformer;
4 errors

May I know where can I get the class? Inside the document had state that we can get it from nokia active alert. But how? Which jar file should i copy? And how to run this application? Just simply call the function? Thanks for your kindly attention. Hope to hear from you soon...