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    Carbide 3.0.1 and SDK 1st edition 1.2

    Hi, I'm having some issues installing Carbide. I would like to develop programs for N-Gage so I downloaded this SDK: nS60_sdk_v1_2.zip. I'm using Visual Studio 2005 .NET edition and Windows Vista. I've read to integrate the SDK with Visual Studio is needed to install Carbide but the installer doesn't recognize my SDK which is installed in the default directory (C:\Symbian\6.1\). Do you have any ideas how to solve this issue? Or is there any alternative to use that SDK with Visual Studio 2005?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Carbide 3.0.1 and SDK 1st edition 1.2

    If you read the release notes, you will see that Carbide.vs 3.x does not support Symbian 6.1/S60 1st edition SDK-s.
    You can either go for Carbide.vs 2.x - however you will need VS 2003 for that, or go for Visual Studio 6/7 (.Net).

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    Re: Carbide 3.0.1 and SDK 1st edition 1.2

    I see... ok, thank you. I'll see if i can get Visual Studio 2003 in the university.

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