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    Ad hoc network on N95

    Hello guys , I am in trouble while accessing internet of PC on N95.

    I am using MAC OS (10.5) has internet connection via Ethernet.

    Now I want to use(share) that internet connection on N95.

    I have set up Ad-Hoc n/w on both end.
    On Mac OS status of n/w connection is CONNECTED.

    where as while opening webpage on N95 , it connects to intenet . But finally I am getting WLAN: No Gateway Reply .

    Am I missing something?
    Is there any alternative (like Bluetooth PAN possible)?

    I really needs some pointers to come out of this ..

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    Re: Ad hoc network on N95

    These questions are better suited to end-user discussions, like http://discussions.europe.nokia.com
    The fact that you have connected your MAC with your device does not mean that the MAC automatically behaves as a gateway. Unfortunately I have absolutely no idea about configuring MAC OS, but a thing you can try is starting a HTTP server on the PC, and see if you can access it from the phone (remember that you will need the IP address assigned to the WLAN interface of the PC for this test).

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