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    Restoring settings

    To meet our client's requirements we organise the demonstration of the mobile telephony potentiality for which we will use 20 Nokia 3650 mobiles. The target consumers are people of 12-19 age group.
    The demonstration day will be divided into several parts separated by 15 minutes' breaks.
    During each session we would like to present a few telephone's functions like MMS sending, WAP using, GPRS or downloading and starting JAVA applications.
    Before each session we intend to carry out the following actions:
    - insert entires in the list of contacts
    - clear the message boxes
    - set up the GPRS access point
    - set up the WAP links
    - activate some of the telephone's protections
    - set up redirection of incoming calls
    - clear Java application and if necessary set it up again

    Is it possible to quickly reconfigure 20 mobile telephones according to above mentioned criteria?
    Is it possible to block SMS receiving form the level of the mobile telephone?

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    RE: Restoring settings

    Dear developer,

    15 minutes is enough, if you have fully functional enviroment with more than 3 persons to build new setups :-)

    1) Cleaning message boxes doesn't take a long time, can be done manually.
    2) Setting up GPRS connection and WAP-links can be done via OTA. You should have all the MSISDN's of terminals (phone numbers) and some script to send GPRS-settings as well as WAP-Bookmarks over-the-air. Task is easy, if you are using SIM-cards from one operator. (Setting phones manually takes about 1-2 minutes / phone)

    3) Activating some of the protections should probably done manually

    4) Clearing up and setting Java-applications is quite easy using for example IrDA or Bluetooth.

    Yes, it is possible to reconfigure 20 mobile telephones during 15 minutes, if you have for example 4/5 persons, which each will setup 4/5 phones and these persons have laptop and some kind of process (step-by-step guide) to follow.


    Hanttila / Forum Nokia

    PS: This is quite typical case for most of us, which are presenting different kind of features... Good luck :-)

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