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Thread: SyncML API

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    SyncML API

    we are working on an university project that used to Sync data of a Nokia handset to/from server. The project use java to develop the software for the handset (J2ME) and server (Servlet / JSP).

    My Questions are:

    (1) Is there any Java API documentation about the SyncML for Nokia 9200 / i9200 (or any Nokia handset which support SyncML) available ?

    (2) Can I use a simulator to run such J2ME programs ?

    (3) Can SyncML be used to sync data other then vCard / VCalendar ? If yes, how ? If no, does it mean I need to develop it ourselves ?

    Thanks in advance,
    Felix Chan
    CS student of the City University of Hong Kong

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    SyncML Question

    Why no one give us the sample of how to make sync using SyncML. is it a patent problem or anything?

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