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    How can I get the JPEG images of the Image directory on C?

    Can I do like this?

    RPointerArray<HBufC> filesList;//save all of the images's path include file name



    void CDataManager::CreateFileList()
    RFs fs;

    _LIT(PhoneImagePath, "C:\\Data\\Images\\");

    CDirScan* scan = CDirScan::NewLC(fs);
    scan->SetScanDataL(PhoneImagePath, KEntryAttNormal|KEntryAttHidden,
    ESortByDate, CDirScan::EScanDownTree);

    CDir* DirList = 0;
    TRAPD(error, scan->NextL(DirList));
    if (error || !DirList)
    delete DirList;

    FindFile(fs, scan->FullPath(), KImageName);
    CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(2); //scan, fs

    void CDataManager::FindFile(RFs& aFs, const TDesC& aDir, const TDesC& aImageWild)
    CDir* dirList;
    TFindFile FindObj(aFs);
    TInt j = FindObj.FindWildByDir(aImageWild, aDir, dirList);
    if( j == KErrNone )
    for(TInt i=0; i < dirList->Count(); i++)
    TFileName fullname(aDir);
    HBufC *buf = HBufC::NewL(fullname.Length());
    *buf = fullname;

    Please tell me where the mistakes are?
    Thank you!
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    Re: How can I get the JPEG images of the Image directory on C?

    You could debug your code in the emulator as a first attempt in order to see what happens (put some .jpeg files to epoc32\winscw\c\data\images).
    A side-note: Symbian already provides a dynamic array for storing descriptors: CDesCArray (CDesCArrayFlat/Seg), you may find it more comfortable than an RPointerArray of HBufC-s.

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