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    [moved] Help Required


    I am a student and working on a project that is Location Based Services as my Final year project.

    I want your help regarding getting the location of Cell Phone using Cell ID.

    I have connected my cell phone using a device and is able to get the Cell ID at my end but want

    to get the Cell ID of other person. I dont want any software to be installed in the cell,

    What i want is that i just need an SMS sending the location.

    I have Nokia 1620 with me, i want you please tell me how can i know my cell id using my cell phone

    again not using any software just using my cell.

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    Re: [moved] Help Required

    Interesting project. What device is it that you have connected to your phone and how is it that you're acquiring the cell ID?

    As for retrieving another phone's cell ID, how would you imagine going about that? You can read the GSM specifications but my guess is that the remote party's cell ID is not communicated to you during a call. Why would it be? And if it is not sent to you, how would you retrieve it without having a software running on the device?

    Your phone is not even programmable so your only option is sending it some AT commands. But even if at this level some programming is needed unless you want to go about it by using woodoo.

    A better choice, for this kind of dumb terminals (but also for smartphones) is to develop the application at network level and thus query to position of any terminal connected to the GSM network.
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    Re: [moved] Help Required

    Well sir i have used GSM Modem and connected my SIM and got my CEll ID, where as how can i send an AT Command to the other Cell, Let say if i want to send an AT command to my cell from my modem device how can i do it since my phone is not connected to computer

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    Re: [moved] Help Required

    You can't get the cell ID of some remote phone without having the network operator provide you the information (I don't think any operator is willing to do so), or having some software running on the remote phone, which then sends you the information (and if you can't install your software on the remote phone, then this option is not available for you, either).

    And even on your own phone, you need to install some piece of software to retrieve the cell ID on that one. Even your phone is not automatically storing/sending the cell ID to you.

    Maybe you need to rethink the objectives/goals of your final year project a bit, or make it work within the constraints of what is possible to do.

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