I am trying to remove un-needed fields from my landmark viewer. However, When I turn on the flags for the fields (see code below) that I wanted, the "Show on Map" function does not work and causes my application to exit. The "Show on Map" function works well if i use "CLmkEditorDlg::ELmkAll".

CLmkEditorDlg::TLmkEditorParams editParams;
editParams.iAttributes = CLmkEditorDlg::ELmkDescription | CLmkEditorDlg::ELmkLatitude | CLmkEditorDlg::ELmkLongitude ;
//editParams.iAttributes = CLmkEditorDlg::ELmkAll;
editParams.iEditorMode = CLmkEditorDlg::ELmkViewer;
And also, is there a way to customize the options menu of the landmark viewer to show only "Show on Map"? I do not wish the user to delete/edit the landmarks.

Thank you.