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    Question Incoming Call Monitor API


    I am trying to understand how to use the new IncomingCallMonintor API, but can't find any information about call provider API, Converged Call Engine ... Should anyone know any resources with additional information around this API or a sample code, please share.
    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Incoming Call Monitor API

    What is the excat name for the API, and where did you see information about it ?

    Anyway, you could always monitor incoming calls with CTelephony as well, and also use CTelephony for making normal voice calls.

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    Re: Incoming Call Monitor API

    The API is in icmapi.h and is listed in the release notes in New APIs section.
    I am using CTelephony now. I just wanted to know if this new API gives me something more. E.g. capturing incoming internet calls.
    Also, name "Converged Call Engine(CCE)" in that .h file sounds interesting to me and I would like to know more about that engine.
    Another question to the 5th edition: There are some APIs missing. One particular identified so far is CallAudioControl API. Are these going to be released soon?

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    Re: Incoming Call Monitor API

    The API is part of a framework which unfortunately did not make it to the SDK (I'm not expecting it in the 1.0 release either). Out of that context the ICM API is unfortunately useless.
    -- Lucian

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