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    7110 Emulator 'Freezes'

    Posted by Matthew Champion, matthew.champion@ncr.com
    on February 12, 2001 at 18:25

    I have just installed the 2.1 toolkit, and I would like to test my applications on the 7110 emulator. Each time I load it up it says 'loading' 7110 and then 'initialising '7110' and hangs at this point. I have the September version of the emulator.

    I have tried resetting a number of times and this does not seem to help. The blueprint works fine.

    Can anyone assist please?

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    RE: 7110 Emulator 'Freezes'

    Posted by WAP Toolkit Team, info.wapbrowser@nokia.com
    on February 12, 2001 at 20:35

    As stupid as it sounds, unfortunately there's no 100% realiable method to make 7110 (or 6210) work all the time. I would like to say here that the toolkit team only did the GUI part, the actual emilators are written by the other group. We also had concerns about the "quality" of the simulators. Hopefully, it will improve in the future. In the meantime, I can give you some suggestions which may improve your chances of getting it work.

    Exit the toolkit. Open the task manager and make sure that there's no stale 7110.exe, 6210.exe or javaw.exe processes. Kill them (be careful not to kill something useful). Start the toolkit and see what happens.

    Don't try to press any keys on the phone until it has been completely initialized.

    If it keeps crashing, open "Device Settings" window, make sure that "Preserve Device Memory" is unchecked. If it's checked, uncheck it and reset the simulator.

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