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Thread: unreliable 3410

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    unreliable 3410

    hey there, i know this isn't right forum but xouldn't post in right one.
    I have had a 3410 since june 02, and the phone has been to service centres 3 times now about the same fault- when making calls the battery meter shows the battery as quick draining, shows low battery and will even switch itself off- i got the software changed near the end of last year to the latest vers (don't know whether it was 2nd or 3rd vers) and the problem started again a few weeks ago.
    Also the screen has black dots sticking in certain places every so often and you have to switch it off to get rid of them, and when you switch it on they come back. Plus, the back fascia has been loose since i got it. Plus the clear button has a habit of not responding.
    question 1- has anyone else had these faults?
    question 2- is the 3410 a particularly unreliable phone?
    question 3- i have been unhappy with the number of faults and requested a different model as replacement- my operator (singlepoint- i am on contract) say nokia should replace, nokia say the retailer should replace- who is right?
    question 4- can we have user manuals that are easier to understand?

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    RE: unreliable 3410


    Exactly right, this is not forum for questions like this. This is a developer forum. These kind of end user questions should be pointed to Club Nokia Careline.

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    V / Forum Nokia

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