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    Green Key Capture


    I want to capture the Green Key on my application.

    Using OfferKeyEventL function I get the iScanCode as EStdKeyYes.

    There are two different views where I need to handle the Green Key Press.

    For e.g. If you are in First View, On first press of Green Key, Activate the Second view. If Green Key Press is detected in second view Display a message. But for me in the first view if I press Green key the application immediately activates the view and displays the message as well.

    Following is my code on capturing Green Key

    if(aKeyEvent.iScanCode == EStdKeyYes)
       return EKeyWasConsumed;
    Also, if I debug the application (using breakpoints), it works fine in sequence. Does it mean something related to Delay in processing and activating view ?

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    Re: Green Key Capture

    If you check the second argument of OfferKeyEventL, you will find that a single keypress invokes your method 3 times: "keydown", "key" and "keyup". And all three times you get the same value in iScanCode. You can either check iCode (which is 0 on the keydown and keyup events), or check the event-type.

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