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    N95 8GB: audio level scale


    is the scale for the audio level a limitation of Symbian OS? With all players that come with the N95 the audio scale from mute to 100% is divided in steps of 10. I never have a chance to get just the right audio level. It is either too loud or too low. The thing is that I would like to submit a request for improvement and I would like to know, if I have to address Nokia or Symbian in that matter.

    Any feedback is highly appreciated.

    Kind Regards and have a great day,

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    Re: N95 8GB: audio level scale

    Hi people,

    227 views up to now and no answer. Does that mean: I am in the wrong forum? Did I ask an no-no question?
    If I am in the wrong forum, would somebody please give me some directions ?


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