Hi all,
I am stucking with a new problem,and i search for solution but did not get any & i need help on this because i have very small knowledge on this issue.

I am developing an application which is related on GPS and I need to know first that is the device supports the GPS(i.e. is the device has inbuilt/Integrated GPS)? If it has inbuilt/integrated GSP then have to work through GPS but if not then have to simply FIRE some specified url.

I have tried with Location API version and if i decide on basis the "microedition.location.version" then my decision becomes worng,because in some devices like N73,the device don't have inbuilt GPS but it supports external GSP through Bluetooth and in that case Location API version's System.getProperty also returns value.
And i want to know only inbuilt/Integrated GPS and not getting any way to find the solution.

Please assist me how to trace the inbuilt GPS info form MIDlet?Because i have to work with inbuilt GPS only.

Thanks to all.