I am working out a VOIP client on Nokia E65 with S60 3rd Ed MR. For playing the received RTP stream I am using streamer example as base. After Activating Loudspeaker and setting volume to 10 in RAPSession, Nokia E65 is not able to play loud, though the same application is playing streaming audio in Loudspeaker mode in N95. Is this the known behavior with E65? Is there any problem with E65, loudspeaker and APS? I also tried with the stremer example in local loopback and got the same result in E65. The audio is too low when you activate speaker. It seemed there is no difference when speaker is turned on in streamer example.
Please suggest the solution to overcome.
I want to play streaming audio through Audio Proxy Server in Loudspeaker mode on E65.
Any pointers or clue is highly appreciated.