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    CTelephony::GetCurrentNetworkInfo - Nokias vs Samsung INNOV8


    I've written a small simple application which calls CTelephone::GetCurrentNetworkInfo and CTelephony::NotifyChange(...ECurrentNetworkInfoChange...) to log the phone's current serving cell and LAC. So far it has worked beautifully on all the Nokia s60 3rd edition handsets I have tested.

    I recently tried it on a Samsung INNOV8 i8510 phone and I get the first CID/LAC value correctly but then the same cell is reported even if I drive far away. I tried turning off "power saving mode" but had the same problem. Bizarrely enough, if I open and close the slider on the phone it updates and reports the correct cell (but then gets stuck again on that value until I move the slider again).

    Has anyone else noticed this problem? Is there a way to get around this behaviour programatically?


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    Re: CTelephony::GetCurrentNetworkInfo - Nokias vs Samsung INNOV8

    You could maybe try Samsungs discussion board and ask the question in there..

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