to give the possibility to add custom applications to the mws framework and the online tutorial is quite good and the right way! also the first steps are absolutly clear and my application already appears in the menu structur!

however I have big problems to add my application as I don´t use PSP templates!
under "Reducing bandwidth usage" in the online tutorial ( there is the description how to manage it, if you don´t use PSP templates and AJAX functionality, but I for me this information is not clear and hard to follow! i mean to don´t use PSP templates and to use my own css stylesheet!

for example:
def get_stylesheet(self):
return"C:\\Data\\Web server\\htdocs\\Web_Applications\\ProjectFolder\\viewer\\default.css")

leads to this error:
File "C:/Data/Web server/htdocs/Web_Applications\ProjectFolder\", line 30, in get_stylesheet
return"file://C:\\Data\\Web server\\htdocs\\Web_Applications\\ProjectFolder\\viewer\\default.css")

File "J:\Framework\", line 246, in link

AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'uri'

however, the structur of my origin application looks like:
- javascriptforajax.js 
- index.html 
- default.css is it possible to let the index.html appear in the "application area" using its javascript file and its css stylesheet! THANKS for help!
regards, Askin