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    Can I find out files installed by a package

    In S60 is there an install registry that can be queried?

    I'd like to do the equivilent of (rh linux) "rpm -qf <file>" to find out what "package" owns/installed a particular file. I'm new to S60 and in the install ref I can see how to build/describe a .sis & how to decompile it, but it's not clear what I can do post-install?

    In particular I have some unknown processes running from c:\sys\bin\ after startup and I'd like to figure out which application package owns them

    Specifically does anyone know of the following:


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    Re: Can I find out files installed by a package

    The same approach could work after installation, since the device creates and stores stub .sis files which it uses for uninstalling the given package (however these stub files are stored in a private folder, requiring AllFiles capability if you want to access them - in case of drive e:, you can also find them in USB Mass Storage mode).
    There can be Symbian API-s for checking such relations, however they are surely not part of the public SDK-s (neither the plug-in packs).

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