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    [moved] Startup Management API -- how can I query/manipulate existing items

    Another S60 question (spot the *nix background).

    With the startup management API I can setup my S60 app to add 1 or more executables to the startup list - I believe this occurs at install time.
    The platform guidelines also mandate user control over autostart (ie through use of a stub).

    However is there a way to
    a) Query existing items in the startup list
    b) Update the startup list

    ie similar to /etc/init.d or /etc/inittab on *nix


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    Re: [moved] Startup Management API -- how can I query/manipulate existing items

    The "API" is nothing that a specification regarding the placement of a resource file in a specified private directory. There is no interface for further interacting with the installed resource or for querying which apps are using the feature.

    So, the answer to a) is look inside the private folder (AllFiles capability required) and for b) you can simpy add more apps there but modifying the list requires more hacking (and again, capabilities).

    This is from the perspective of the public APIs. There might be some internal API that allows easier manipulation of the SLM API clients but for that to be investigate you have to consider buying technical support (and then, if suitable, API Partnering)
    -- Lucian

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