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    Live stream from phone to server

    Hi I have to implement system which allow to live sound streaming from mobile to server.Do u know if the protocol rtp could be right for this ? I know that I can use it to stream something from server to phone but is it possible to do this in opposite direction and how ??

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    Smile Re: Live stream from phone to server

    I've actually implemented a pure J2ME RTSP client recently, and since RTP is just UDP packets (AKA datagrams in j2me) it should work. I was able to receieve packets on my Sony Ericsson W800, but not on my N95 - although I did not look to hard on the network configuration.

    Given implementation-specific behaviour both in phones and mobile networks, I would set up a simple J2SE UDP server socket and try to reach it with an UDP packet from the phone. If that fails, you are over on TCP, but that should also work with RTSP somehow.

    Is the data available to you on the correct form for RTP packets? If not, you might consider some processing on the server side, but this of course complicates things.

    Let me know how it goes.


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