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    Unhappy Backup/Restore Failure in App Manager

    I am having problems with the re-installation of my theme files. I am currently packaging & testing my theme files using the Open Signed Online service on the Symbian Signed website.

    The theme installs perfectly (onto memory card), but when I come to use the backup/restore facility found in Nokia's PC Suite, it removes the installed file from the application manager. This means that the theme cannot be uninstalled without a hard reset. When restoring the the phone's (N73) contents, I ensure that the phone & card are formatted to guarantee a clean backup.

    I have used information found in the knowledgebase to rectify the problem. I have applied this info to my latest signing and it works to a degree. I can now install the theme onto my memory card, then remove the memory card and hard reset the phone memory (*#7370#), then install the memory card again, where it installs the theme back into the app manager. That's great, but it does not solve the problem of the PC Suite backup/restore facility (content copier). If anyone can shed some light on this issue I would be wholly appreciative!

    Here's my .pkg file info & backup_registration.xml which is packaged with my theme file:

    ******.pkg file******

    ; File created with SkinCompiler v0.0.82
    ; Installation file for themepackage skin
    ; Package header
    ; Supports Series 60 v3.x
    ; This line indicates that this installation is for the Series 60 platform v3.x
    ; This line must appear _exactly_ as shown below in the sis file
    ; If this line is missing or incorrect,the sis file will not be able
    ; to be installed on Series 60 v3.x platforms
    ; Requires Series 60 Skins Support
    ; Requires Series 60 Scalable Skins Support
    ; Backup & Restore Info
    "backup_registration.xml" -"!:\private\2001db10\backup_registration.xml"
    ; Non-localised vendor name
    :"Unknown Vendor"
    ; Localised vendor name
    ; Files to install
    "themepackage.mbm" - "!:\resource\skins\2001db10\themepackage.mbm"
    "themepackage.mif" - "!:\resource\skins\2001db10\themepackage.mif"
    "themepackage.mbm" - "!:\private\10207114\import\2001db10\themepackage.mbm"
    "themepackage.mif" - "!:\private\10207114\import\2001db10\themepackage.mif"
    "themepackage.skn" - "!:\private\10207114\import\2001db10\themepackage.skn"
    ;Dummy entry for the possible skin .ini file,so that it gets removed on uninstall
    "" - "!:\private\10207114\import\2001db10\2001db10.ini",FN
    ; End of file


    <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes" ?>
    <include_directory name="\" />
    <system_backup />
    <restore requires_reboot="no" />
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