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    Support for GPS and accelerometer sensor?


    I have seen that there is support for using audio and video in RGA.
    Will there (in the near future) be support in Open C/RGA also for:
    - Nokia N95 GPS sensor?
    - Nokia N95 accelerometer sensor?

    What would be the easiest approach to write an application for N95 that manipulates audio, video, GPS, and accelerometer data in real-time? Open C plus Symbian C++?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Support for GPS and accelerometer sensor?

    As Open C is for Linux/UNIX compatibility, I doubt that it'll ever get GPS/accelerometer APIs, unless there are standard (more or less) GPS/accelerometer APIs for Linux/UNIX.

    I suspect that RGA won't get such APIs, either.

    Your best bet is to use standard Symbian C++ APIs for those functions. Especially if you need it right away.

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    Re: Support for GPS and accelerometer sensor?

    For those avoiding native Symbian C++, I suspect the first way you'll get access to these will be via mobile extensions to Qt on S60. Still a while to wait though.

    RGA was designed for N-gage games porting and the accelerometer does make sense in that case, but I haven't seen any movement on RGA for a long time, I don't think the priority is that high these days. Also, accelerometers aren't in every phone and RGA is generally something of a lowest common denominator API.


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