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    Using the PushRegistry class or someway to start a Midlet by itself..

    Hello, I have a feeling this is a very stupid question, but here goes...

    Is it possible to make use of the javax.microedition.io.PushRegistry
    class using the current Nokia Developer suite? I understand that this class was only introduced in MIDP 2.0... I've added the path to the relevant libs in WTK2.0, and it compiled without complains... but it crashed when I used the default emulator that came with the NDS...

    Otherwise, is there another way to start up an application by itself? Any help would be very much appreciated


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    RE: Using the PushRegistry class or someway to start a Midlet by itself..


    PushRegistry is feaure that is coming with MIDP 2.0. Currently all Nokia SDK are MIDP 1.0 that doesn't support PushRegistry. For that reason you can't use those SDKs to create packages where MIDP 2.0 features are used (because preverifier can't understand those clasess) and you can't run MIDP 2.0 MIDlets on these emulators.

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    alarms and power off

    Is it true that if the turn off the power, all the alarms will be erased?

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