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    How to skip makmake


    AFAIK there is no need to run makmake if project files have not changed. Still makmake is executed in every build (VS 2003 + Carpide_vs + 3rd MR).

    In my project makmake takes about 1,5 - 2 minutes so with smaller changes it takes about 90% of building time. Is there an elegant way to build without makmake.

    Currently I have solved this by replacing makmake.bat with empty bat as prebuild event and with rebuild all orginal makmake.bat is used. Ugly but works...

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    Re: How to skip makmake


    I'm also looking to speed up build process.

    As a temporary fix, while developing code:

    I do start with makmake <mmp> <platform>

    for subsequent changes I do make -f <MAKE FILE GENERATED BY MAKMAKE>

    Note that this wont work when you add/delete a source file to/from MMP file and include/delete any header file in a source file.

    For these again we have to follow makmake and then make.

    Once all changes are done I'm runnig abld build gcce urel....

    I read once discussino regarding reduction of build time, but there is no concrete solution.

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