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    Conversion from amr to mp3 ,aac,wma format

    i m using CMdaClipUtitility to record ..now i want to save my recorded file into following mp3 ,aac,wma formats ?
    Can anybody suggest me ..how can i do that?

    thanks in advance.....

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    Re: Conversion from amr to mp3 ,aac,wma format

    On a PC afterwards!

    Seriously though, there are far fewer encoders than decoders in the platform. You can encode to AAC and AMR but as far as I know not MP3 or WMA.

    The most efficient way is to record direct to the format you want. If you really need multiple formats then you can try recording to PCM and then using CMMFCodec (search the DiBo, it's not the easiest class to get hold of, although it has been released).


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