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    J2ME 3G Network Problem


    I'm currently doing a small project dealing with PushRegistry with SMS. Before this, everything went well (wake up on sms etc..). After i upgraded to the 3G network, i keep getting this kind of error:

    IOException: SymbianOS error = -4513 : Text message: Invalid phone or message centre number. Check the number.

    Is this caused by me upgrading to the 3G network? (maybe perhaps the SMSC is not available in 3G simcard, or that the service provider is blocking the app from running?, my money is on the SMSC thing). I did test it with another phone that isnt 3G yet, it still works. Only on 3G networks it seems to be problematic.

    Forgive me if this is the wrong question to ask, but i'm really hoping anyone here has experience with this kind of error or have any thoery why it wont work and if theres any possible workaround without going through the service provider. The service provider is the same for both.



    i have a new theory. After getting System.getProperty("wireless.messaging.sms.smsc") somehow my SMSC (Message Centre) is different on my SIM CARD (the getProperty gets the value from the SIM CARD right?) than what i usually have on my Message Settings Configuration. Is there any chance i can change the value? Because my guess is that the SMSC configuration on the SIMCARD is causing the problem.

    If anyone has a different theory/guess/explanation, fire away.

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