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    Question Map Application with N810


    This is my first thread and I'd really like you can help me.

    I'm currently working on my school proyect and I need to know what's the best Nokia device you would recommend me. What I need to do is described at lines below, they describe both what servers I have chosen at this moment and briefly how the application must be working.

    1) Servers
    * Geo-Server as map server.
    * Postgres as database server (I need to use the PostGIS as spatial extension)

    2)Brief description
    This is a prototype application for damage assessment that will be working once a quake takes place at Mexico City. Basicly a damage should be able to be registered through the mobile device saving the data in postgres database. Finally using both the map server and its connection with postgres database all reports will be displayed on a web browser.

    What I'm thinking is recover the map data directly from postgres database and deploy the map in my mobile application taking as base the device position (using GPS technology).

    Therefore my questions are:
    1) Can I stablish a connection to postgres database?
    2) What technology would allow me to deploy the maps using a database connection in my nokia device?
    3) Would you recommend me another way to build the mobile application?
    4) Which would be the best device to build it? I have thought it would be possilbe to choose the Nokia N810
    5) What technology would you recommend me to buid the application (Java, C++, Nokia SDK...)?

    Thanks a lot...

    Kind Regards!!
    Sergio A. Velázquez

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    Re: Map Application with N810

    I moved this to the LBS forum however if you are serious about using the N810 you might want to go to http://maemo.org and see if they can help.


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