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    Question CTelephoney on 2nd Edition devices

    hello All ,
    I am working on an application that fetches the data from the CTelephoney class like CellId, Location area code etc. and then send them by sms. Its working pretty fine with the S60 3rd edition devices.

    Now i need to port the same on Nokia's second edition phones. To do this i downloaded Carbide 1.2 and S60 Sdk 2nd Edition.

    1.>I created a class which derives from CActive

    2.>I included etel3rdparty as
    #include <etel3rdparty.h>
    3.>I created an object of CTelephoney Class
    CTelephony* iTelephony;
    4.> In the CPP file i am trying to initialize the CTelephony class by calling its NewL as
    void CGetCellId::ConstructL()
    	iTelephony = CTelephony::NewL();
    5.>finally in the AppUi in the test button click i am creating an object of CGetCellId class.
    CGetCellId* cellid = CGetCellId::NewL();
    6.> Now ,when i try to Debug this application i found out that its not going ahead of
    iTelephony = CTelephony::NewL(); . I.e it is probably not Creating the object of CTelephony class.

    the same thing is working pretty fine in the 3rd Edition devices and carbide 2.0 ....

    I also have the etel3rdparty.lib in the MMP file.

    some help please

    many thanks
    Abhishek karmakar

    never- Never - NEVER -- !!! NEVER !!! GIVE UP

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    Re: CTelephoney on 2nd Edition devices


    on the 2nd edition the CTelephony is not supported. Do not be confused that you can find the header and lib for WINS:

    Use RTelServer, RPhone, RLine classes.

    For getting IMEI:


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