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    Swirl and punch effect for image, Gif animation


    Im new to Symbian C++. Im supposed to do a project in Symbian where in im supposed to do the following:
    1.provide swirl effect and punch effect on an image.
    2.Provide Gif animation

    Tools to be used: Symbian C++ in Carbide C++ v1.3
    S60 SDK 3rd Edition FP1

    I did get an example project where in we can do the following : Rotate right, rotate left,Zoom in and Zoom out.

    But im unable to find anything onSwirl and Punch. And also on Animated Gif.
    I did go through the gif info provided in one of the forums in the nokia website. But thats too little info for a beginner like me.

    I would request you people to provide me with an example code which can do the above mentioned things. (Swirl effect, Punch effect, and GIF animation).

    Awaiting a favourable reply at the earliest...

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Swirl and punch effect for image, Gif animation

    I have not seen any APIs for image efects, so those ones you should either port from some other platform, or so by yourself. For Gif animation, there is at least one exmaple available in the wiki, so you could do a bit of searching it there.

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