Even though i am setting real player UDP port range to 6970-32000/6970-6999/6970-7170..on Darwin server i am getting client_port range more than 64000 with one of my 3G operator.

client_port=64384-64385 for track1 H264 video
client_port=64424-64425 for track2 AAC Audio

and server also start pumping the data on these ports,but real player is showing black screen after loading and the same time connection manager is showing data is being downloaded.

1) when i will keep only video or Audio in SDP than real player is able to play with client_port range more than 64000.

2) same mobile is sending the client_port range between 6970 to 32000 with other operator and WLAN.

3) can real player handle UDP range more than 64000 as default setting is 6970 to 32000 ?

4) my setting are correct.it is internet APN without proxy address. who is changing client_port range ?

Test handsets Nokia N73,Nokia N81,Nokia N76.

Any suggestion ?

Thanks & Regards,