I am trying to write code that takes an outgoing internet call event from the call log and changes it to an outgoing voice call.
I thought just changing the dialed number (.RemoteParty()) - e.g. from 2127773456@sipdomain.com to 2127773456 would do the trick, but even through the number in the dialed numbers list gets reformatted, the icon next to it is still the internet call icon rather than the voice call icon - something else then the number format is convincing the device that this is an internet call.

does anyone know what it is ? what I should change in the log event in order for it to become a voice call ?

some code:

const CLogEvent& event = iRecentLogView->Event();
TInt pos = event.RemoteParty().Find(_L("@"));
CLogEvent* logEvent=CLogEvent::NewL();
TBuf<30> reformattedNumber;
iLogClient->ChangeEvent(*(const_cast<CLogEvent*>(logEvent)), iCActiveGeneral->iStatus);