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    Question Can theme change the Navigation Icons for Mobile?

    Hi All,

    I'm a Designer and I'm creating Mobile themes from past 2-3 Years. But I have one doubt... so far I have not created themes for Higher end mobile Like Nokia PDA or blackberry or windows mobile.

    I came to know tat now we can change the mobile navigation as per the theme.

    for example if i apply office theme then all shortcuts of the office application should come to the screen. Application shortcut icon should change as per the theme style. if it related to romance or love then media player icons or other application icons should come on screen.

    Is it possible? if yes then please provide details information like Tool name or white paper of this.

    Thanks in Advance

    Ankit Patni

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    Re: Can theme change the Navigation Icons for Mobile?

    Hi Ankit,

    As per my knowledge, it is more specific to device. Device need to support this type of feature. But from theme creation tool, it is only about the skinning the image and text. So depending on device feature the related theme information will display.

    For E71, it has multiple home screen. For example, One screen for office and one for personal.


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