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    Issue with using CLogFilter with multiple criteria


    I am trying to read missed calls recorded after specific time. I am using CLogFilter with SetEventType, SetDirection and SetStartTime.
    If I just set direction to missed, I get correct records. Once I add setting of the start time, I start getting also other (out, in) records.

    There is a short note in API doc (http://www.symbian.com/developer/tec...ing-CLogFilter) which says that ".. the resulting SQL statement simply ORs the conditions so that the WHERE clause contains (Number = 123 Or Contact IS NULL)". I hope this applies only if the two criteria describe the same field. If I specify two criteria for two different fields, I would expect the SQL to use AND between them.

    Is this a bug in API or am I using it wrong way? How is the filter supposed to behave if I use multiple criteria? I tried to use a list of filters, each filter with a single criteria (time or direction), but the behavior was the same.

    Thanks for any info in advance.

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    Re: Issue with using CLogFilter with multiple criteria

    I've found what is causing my issue.
    It is the fact, that each incoming GSM call is first stored in Call Logs as Missed call (while ringing) and only after it is answered or rejected, it is changed to Incoming.
    This temporary Missed call state causes my application to read the call from the call log even though it is later changed to Incoming and it also caused all my confusion about CLogFilter class.

    If admin finds this information useful, keep this thread. If not, please, delete it.

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