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    image/jpeg<:DELIMITER:>image/jpg 7210 & 3510i

    I've a little issue with N7210 &amp; N3510i

    the HTTP accept line have image/jpeg (7210) or image/jpg (3510i)
    but any jpg in a wml page isn't displayed.
    Is there a firmware update to enable those file type ?
    or an update to remove them from accept line ?

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    RE: image/jpeg<:DELIMITER:>image/jpg 7210 & 3510i


    Only WBMP and GIF images can be viewed on the WAP browser of Nokia 7210 and Nokia 3510i. However, some Nokia terminals send in the accept header also JPG information because this media type can be downloaded to the via WAP even though images in this format cannot be displayed on a WML page.

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