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    Wink Auto start in background


    I know there exists a lot of posts about autostarting and also wiki about autostarting. This post is more about issue I've encountered with autostarting.

    I've implemented my autostart as posted at the wiki with a rss file that registers with the boot api and then I start processing startup command in
    TBool ProcessCommandParametersL(CApaCommandLine& aCommandLine);
    as instructed by the wiki in order to know if the application was autostarted or started manually.

    The interesting thing that I discovered while trying to make it start in the background is that it is possible to start two instances of the samme application by setting

    iEikonEnv->RootWin().SetOrdinalPosition(-1, ECoeWinPriorityNeverAtFront);
    in the beginning of my app ui constructL and another call to
    iEikonEnv->RootWin().SetOrdinalPosition(0, ECoeWinPriorityNormal);
    at the end of my
    TBool ProcessCommandParametersL(CApaCommandLine& aCommandLine);
    The issue occurs when the application is manually started through the menu, the application ui flashes and then the application returns to the menu for a few seconds until I've finished processing my ProcessCommandParametersL (in my case I'm doing some file operations on settings in order to know if auto start is allowed, also if everything checks out I'm starting my server, during that time I don't think the OS has been updated with the newly started application since if the user selects the application icon agian another instance of the application is started.

    Has anybody encountered this before, and is there another way to autostart an application in the background without the possibilty to start another instace.

    Thanks in advance,

    Best Regards


    Forgot to mention that this occurs on device, the one I'm using for testing is a 6120 Classic with S60v3 FP1.
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    Re: Auto start in background


    this was already discovered and discussed here. E.g. it is mentioned here:

    You have to be carefull, I have used mutexes to ensure that only one instance can be created.


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