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    sisx file run once

    Hi All
    I'm using mobile n81, and I've build my app. supported by it's SDK
    and I've make the sis and sisx file , when I installed it to mobile ,sis file not installed giving me certified error msg. but sisx installed and the application run well, after that I modified the code and try to remake the sis and sisx ,but I didn't find sisx file into project sis folder, just sis file is created which giving me certified error
    so what is the problem ??
    can any one help me :S
    thanks in advance

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    Re: sisx file run once

    okay, I had modified signing option to self sign sis file , sisx file is generated , installed to mobile ,but not appear in applications ?
    so what ??

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    Re: sisx file run once

    So what kind of application are you trying? And what changes you made? If it doesnt appear in the applications folder, then maybe the registration file is the problem and that may not have built.

    Make sure that the sis file generated has a timestamp that corresponds to the new build. Keep a closer look at console to be sure that you have a properly built project.

    You need to give more information to get more specific help. Check here to get help faster and better

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