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    Question question about autostart-hidden application

    Hi there,

    Recently i have started a project in Blackberry J2ME, and i want to port all the code to Symbian J2ME and hopefully standard J2ME, i have some question here:
    1. In Blackberry i create my application as autostart-hidden type application thus don't need any GUI nor console (and even run as system-module and not showing any icon for launching app), the application was compiled into native Blackberry application not a Midlet is there any equivalent for this on Symbian J2ME? or i really need to create it as Midlet?

    2. If i create it as Midlet how can i hide the application screen (make it background processing)?

    3. How to make application start when phone are turn on? or based on time, say it everyday at 08:00 AM? i have read some article about SUN J2ME Push Registry article and want to have some better understanding about that on Symbian J2ME
    PS: I've done a search but found the only solution was create Symbian C++ app that launch J2ME MIDP app


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    Re: question about autostart-hidden application


    I'm afraid autostart for Nokia phones using J2ME on phone boot is not possible. The only way in S60 phones is to create a symbian app that starts the MIDLet.

    2. try using
    usually works if phone is multitask

    PushRegistry will allow you to launch the app after some delay, you calculate the current time and the time it should start to get this delay. But if the alarm happens at the time the phone is off, then it will be lost.


    Use the method


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