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    Problem with debugging of source code for Symscan tool

    Hi all,
    I have intalled the symscan tool and i am running the source code for this tool in Visual studio 2005.I want to debug the code, so i am trying to do it with the help of break points.At this line of source code debugging cant be continued and it is returning back to the same point.I am attaching the source code with that point where it is exiting and returning back to the point in main.cpp

    void Scanner::ProcessCommandLine(int argc, char* argv[])
    iFileName = argv[argc -1];

    if (argc < 2 || strcmp("-H", argv[1]) == 0 || strcmp("-h", argv[1]) == 0)
    //cout << "\nSymScan v1.0" << endl << endl;
    cout << "Usage:" << endl;
    cout << "\tMemoryManagementTool.exe [-C|-D|-S|-L|-A] [-H] <filename>" << endl << endl;
    cout << "\t-H : Displays this help" << endl;
    cout << "\t-C : Scan for CleanupStack violations" << endl;
    cout << "\t-D : Scan for misuse of descriptors " << endl;
    cout << "\t-S : Scan for standards violations i.e. deprecated _L()" << endl;
    cout << "\t-L : LeaveScan will be executed after MemoryManagement tool." << endl;
    cout << "\t-A : Perform all scans" << endl;
    the break point is returning back to the main in this point and it will be inside the loop.
    Also attached is the souce code for main function.

    int main(int argc, char* argv[])
    char* fileName = argv[argc - 1];
    Scanner scanner;
    scanner.ProcessCommandLine(argc, argv);
    ifstream input(scanner.FileName());

    if (!input)
    cout << "\n\nCouldn't open File\n" << endl;
    cout << "Press any key to finish....";
    char ch;
    ch = getchar();
    return 0;

    SourceFilter cr(input);

    while (scanner.ProcessLine(cr));


    return 0;

    Can any one tell me why cant i continue debugging?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Problem with debugging of source code for Symscan tool

    exit(0) is not Symbian-related, and it simply exits from the application.
    This is not a big surprise anyway: as you can see, the help is displayed when either it was explicitly asked (by -h or -H), or the number of arguments is not enough.
    Specify a proper command line argument in the debug configuration.

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