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    Public WAP push proxy gateway available

    Hi folks,
    I'm new to this subject and I'd like to know whether there exists a provider or a carrier who offers a WAP push proxy gateway, which offers the possibility to send SI, SL and also CO. ( I know this abbrevation from the nokia documents).
    BTW Does anybody know how CO works? Does it work at all? Is it possible to view the cell phones cache ( nokia 5210 ) with the contents of the last visits?

    I thank you very much.
    I don't have to time start up an own server.

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    RE: Public WAP push proxy gateway available


    Forum Nokia offers remote PPG access. It is priced service and costs 200 EUR / 2 months. You can use that PPG for sending SI, SL, and CO messages. However most terminals only support SI. You can find the service description page under "Developer support" - link.

    CO works (that is if the terminal supports it, not many Nokia models do) so that the content in the terminals cache is updated when the CO message is received and when the user fetches that particular URL it is actually fetched from the cache memory and therefore the content doesn't need to be downloaded anymore. Could be useful for example in email service to quicken up the service.

    It is not possible in 5210 to get any kind of list of last visits but it is possible to view last visited URLs offline.

    Best Regards,
    Jori / Forum Nokia

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