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    Browser Control API - send always an username

    hi everybody,
    i have a problem. i using the browser controll api. now i want that my application allways send something when he open a page. e.g. an username. i don't want to add it always to a link.

    my solution was that i add this somewere on the browser setting. like for example i change the brwoser name to the username. but i dont know if this is possible. can i change this kind of settings. i wanted to use "BrowserSettingL" but i could not find a good documentation. if this is not possible knows somebody another solution ?

    can anybody help my. i'm not so used to develop symbian.

    thank you very much


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    Re: Browser Control API - send always an username

    Using SetParamL you can add headers to HTTP requests:
    CBrCtlInterface::SetParamL(TBrCtlDefs::EParamsRequestHeaders,_L("myheader: value"));

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