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    S40 On Device Debugging (ODD)

    I can't get the S40, 5th edition SDK to integrate right into NetBeans 6.1 or NetBeans 6.5 in a fashion that allows me to debug on the device. The device is a 8800 Arte. When I try and deploy to the actual device, instead NetBeans always launches the emulator. I think this is because when I installed the SDK, it only installed the emulator gubbin into NetBeans, not like the S60 series where it installs a emulator gubbin AND an actual-device gubbin. Is this correct? What's the deal, Nokia, why no connection to the actual device?

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    Re: S40 On Device Debugging (ODD)

    There is no On-Device-Debugging on Series 40 phones. You might be able to get the System.out visible on terminal though
    (but I have not tested this on 5th Edition)


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