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    What version of WebKit SDK should be used

    Our application embeds WebKit and we need to target N75 devices which use the S60 3.0 OS.

    Is WebKit 3.0 considered stable on these devices and are there known performance issues?

    I have been able to generate the 3.2 S60WebKit SDK. Should we build against the 3.0 S60WebKit SDK instead, to ensure we are compatible with 3.0 devices?
    Are the 3.1 and 3.2 versions of WebKit installed on devices backward compatible with apps built against the 3.0 WebKit SDK?

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    Re: What version of WebKit SDK should be used

    Can we try to clarify first what do you call as "X.Y S60WebKit SDK" ?
    -- Lucian

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    Re: What version of WebKit SDK should be used

    Nokia has listed the different source distributions of S60WebKit here:

    Basically the seem to take a snap shot of the code for each release of the S60 3.x SDK, which is what I mean by X.Y release of WebKit.

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