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    Question Approximate device location

    Dear developer community,

    I am in the need of approximating the location of the cell phone. I am able to get lac,mnc,mcc, signal strength etc.
    To get a better approximation i would like to use the timing advance (TA) and collect all cells the device can see (not only the one I am connected). Is there any way to get this information? I am not bound to any specific device or technology. The device only should support Bluetooth (so the old nokia phones using FBus do not work). I tried to get the data using AT commands but none of the cellphones seems to implement commands that provide this data. Can you suggest any other technology/method to get this data?

    have a nice day

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    Re: Approximate device location

    Haven't seen any working exmaple on getting TA, so why wouldn't you try using GPS, it would give you the location very accurately.

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