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    Exclamation Limited memory!!

    I read about Configuration of KVM then I see limited memory:Ram(32KB – 512KB), Rom(128– 256KB). I program on Nokia S60 3rd. My Midlet is 750KB. Have I meet that limited?? Can you explain clearly??Thank!!

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    Re: Limited memory!!

    Thet should be stil ok (unless the phone is running out of memory). However sometimes operators might limit the size of the MIDlets so over-the-air downloading might fail in some cases.


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    Re: Limited memory!!

    CLDC specifications detail the minimum that manufacturers must provide. All devices provide (significantly) more than the minimum.

    There are two important limits:

    1. Heap. The amount of memory the program has to run. This could be as low as 180k, or as high as 32Mb. On newer S60 devices, you can usually expect to have at least 4Mb for this. You will know if you exceed this, as your application will start throwing OutOfMemoryErrors.

    The JAR size is not a good guide to how much heap you will use. Images in particular expand hugely when loaded, because they are decompressed. An image can need as much as (width * height * 4) bytes. It is best to unload images you no longer need (set the reference to null, or allow it to fall out of scope, so that the image becomes garbage and it's memory can be recovered).

    2. JAR. Some devices impose limits. Older Series 40 devices, for example, impose one of the tightest limits, just 64k. Series 60 devices, on the other hand, impose no limits.

    As Hartti says, operators may impose limits to download sizes. These will (generally) by lower for 2G downloads than 3G. If you are looking at your project as a commercial product, keep in mind how long it will take to download, and how much it could cost. Using GPRS (without EDGE), 750k will take several minutes to download, assuming the signal does not drop. Many users (in Europe, for example) could be paying €5/Mb, adding, say, €3 to the price of your product.

    Typical download speeds are:

    * 2G (CSD) - 9600 bits/sec
    * 2.5G (GPRS) - 40kb/s
    * 2.75G (EDGE) - 200kb/s
    * 3G - 400kb/s
    * 3.5G (3G+, HSDPA) - 1.8Mb/s

    It is safe to assume that all devices will support at least GPRS. Also, the fact that a user has, for example, a 3G device, does not mean they have a 3G network connection.

    I would say that 750k JAR for a high-end device (like S60) is reasonably typical for commercial products. I would not be worried about that size. However, if you wish to port your product to lower specification devices, you may have problems.


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    Re: Limited memory!!

    Oh! Thank very! I am propramming a midlet on S60 3rd to invoke the webservice. I fear limit memory on S60 3rd make my midlet not run?! Thank!
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