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    Bluetooth connectivity using IVT Bluesoleil

    I am using the following bluetooth dongle for a desktop which has Windows XP service pack 3.

    IVT Bluesoleil Blue Tooth
    IVT BlueSoleil Driver : Version: 1.6

    I am trying to use a bluetooth server sample code ( developed by Sun microsystems). THis runs a service and am making my mobile identity the service an tranfer the required data. This more like a customization part of the sending the data only from my application.

    When I run the client application ( after having started the bluetooth server as service), it is unable to recognize the blue tooth server service which is running on the desktop (the application just quits after some time with some error message). Is this a known issue with IVT ? Any information on this is appreciated. Also please let me know if there are any alternatives to it.

    But I am able to transfer the files back and forth from the mobile to the desktop using the tool provided by the IVT. The tool is able to recognize my Nokia mobile.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Re: Bluetooth connectivity using IVT Bluesoleil

    then i guess its more of a coding problem if their own application works fine...

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    Talya, how do you access the Bluesoleil APIs? Have you created your own application (in C, C++, etc) or do you use Java and therefore and abstraction layer like BlueCove? In the latter case, you should use their support channels (forums). There you will learn how to switch the Bluetooth APIs (if supported for your Bluetooth adapter), too.

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