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    Question $$..icon help..$$

    hello friends......
    i m new in symbian so need some help .
    i m using "Carbide.c++,Version: 1.0"
    pls tell me tht how can i create & change icon of my application
    for S60,3.X GUI Application.
    pls giv me a brief description.

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    Re: $$..icon help..$$

    Read this:

    - How to create application icon(SVG) in S60 3rd edition
    - How to define application icon

    You should be using Carbide.C++ 2.0 by now. It is free!

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    Re: $$..icon help..$$

    See also How do I start programming for Symbian OS? and especialy step #9. There's a reason why the SDK comes wiht example applications ...
    -- Lucian

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